The Medical Center


Medical and health treatment complex “Tustan” offers its guests a wide range of medical and spa services. All the medical programmes are conducted on the modern european equipment by highly qualified and experienced personnel.

Wellness and treatment

Services offered by the medical Center

Medical checkup and treatment

Doctor’s checkup, determination of the diagnosis and the prescription of the effective treatment
Ultra Sound Diagnostics
Our Medical centre provides a wide range of check-ups
Water treatment
Water treatment favours the improvement of the tonus of heart and veins system, also improves metabolism and skin state
Physiotherapy helps patients regardless the to get rid of different illnesses and their complications
The buvet of mineral waters
The buvet offers a varied number of unique healing mineral waters which are found in Shidnytsya
You can take care of your health and beauty by having a range of message which provide general strengthening, medical and relaxing effect
Esthetic medicine
We use the modern principals of esthetic medicine in order to achieve the maximum effect of treatment and personal satisfaction of the body state
Body care
The unique water treatment complex which has combined the classic steam bathhouse, methods of hydrotherapy, chromium therapy, aroma therapy, oxyhyperthermia and collagenarium
Ozone therapy
Ozone therapy is marked by high efficiency and complements and enforces the methods of traditional methods in treatment as well as prevention of bacterial and viral infections
Herbal Barrel
One can get rid of many ailments, rejuvenate the body. The steam which is rich in herbs comes into the cabin from the Siberian cedar has positive effect on human body and its organs
The complex diagnosis of cardio-vascular system
Take care of your heart in advance!!! Too much strain, poor eating habits, polluted environment have first of all a strong impact on our heart and vessels
We provide a system of diagnosis and treatment with the help of manual therapy which helps to define the breeches in health state, the reason for which is the different biomechanical dysfunctions

Recovery of the body

Medical Centre programmes

Package on discount


The health professionals of “Tustan” have gathered the complex of procedures which are the most effective ones in body recovery, improves its immune system and resistance towards illnesses, increases its protective possibilities


Modelling of the body shapes

Would you like to get your body into shape without tiring diets, aggressive influence on the body, digestion stress and strain? If so, then this programme is meant for you!


Relaxation programme

If you have got stressful job, you are an office employee, you have got frequent brainstorming, emotional and physical strain, then this package is the very thing you need!

General improvement of health

The immunostimulation of the body

This programme has been created for those people, who take care of their health, wants to improve the general state of the body, make oneself more resistant to the seasonal illnesses, enlarge the immune potential of the body, go through the preventive treatment and get unforgettable rest in Shidnytsya!

Імуностимуляція організму Медичний центр Східниця Готель ТуСтан
Східниця Детокс
Cleansing the body

Detox programme

If you have got extra weight and have tried out numerous diets and haven’t achieved the desired result, then this programme is the very one you need to try out!

Prevention of illnesses

Discount package
“The protection of inner body organs”

This package includes a number of measurements aimed at improvement of cardio-vascular, nervous and urinary system, that is prevention of heart, brain, vessels, kidney disease and as their outcome the impact on the nervous system.

Захист нирок. Медичні процедури
Man’s health

The clinical package "Androgenic"

This programme has been created by the health professionals of the Medical center “Tustan” with the aim to renovate the organic and functional disorders of the urine system and the correction of sexual dysfunction