Measures against epidemics


Dear guests!

Measures against epidemics are taken in our hotel since the quarantine limitations are in action, so that to prevent the spread of the corona infection. We do our best to create safe and comfortable environment so there is no need for you to worry about your own safety.

Prevention measures

  • Temperature measurement when settling at the hotel
  • Doctor’s check-up
  • Well qualified-medical surveillance
  • Strict mask wearing by the hotel stuff, protective shields present at the central and medical receptions
  • Sanitizers for hands usage available at public places
  • Surfaces, door handles, stairs handrails are all disinfected
  • All hotel buildings are disinfected with bactericidal ionizers in order to disinfect the air from viruses and bacteria
  • All the rooms are disinfected with the quartz lamps while being cleaned
  • All the medical rooms are well prepared before the next procedure as well as disinfected, couches get fresh sets of linen
  • All hotel buildings are currently and daily disinfected
  • In order to lessen the mass gathering of people in the restaurant, there are two shifts to make people feel comfortable and safe observing all the regulations as to the safe distance, room-service is also available
  • All the china sets and food products are heat treated

The specialists of our medical center have developed the unique system of postcovid rehabilitation which helps people to become active and live life to the full.

You are welcome to our hotel where you can enjoy wellness treatments, plunge into the home like atmosphere, and get deep satisfaction of your stay at the hotel. This will be the time that will definitely bring benefit to your health, body and emotional wellbeing.

It is safe to stay at Tustan!

We will take care of your health; you can get the complex improvement of your health at the medical center of hotel “Tustan”.