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High-tone bioresonance therapy


High-tone bioresonance therapy

HiToP (HighTone Power) 2 touch therapy is an innovative technique of electrotherapy.

It is the result of combining modern knowledge of medicine, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Application of a variable high-frequency electric current (4-32 kHz) activates biochemical and bioelectrical processes in the cell, resulting in resonant oscillations inside the cells. This leads to an increase in the number and volume of mitochondria, the so-called “power plants” of cells, which in turn:

  • promotes cooperation and communication between cells;
  • activates the energy potential of cells;
  • promotes the intensification of metabolism and energy production;
  • exhibits the effect of intensive detoxification and “rejuvenation”.

At the level of the organism the effect is manifested in:

  • reduction of edema, inflammation, pain (including chronic neurological and joint disorders)
  • relaxation of muscle tone (treatment programs)
  • increase muscle tone (training programs)
  • fat reduction (weight loss programs)

HiToP capabilities allow you to treat a number of diseases that are not available for the methods of classical electrotherapy and medical treatment. Therapeutic effect in treble therapy is achieved not by simple electrical irritation of muscles and nerves, but by a number of intracellular biochemical and biophysical reactions.

The differences between treble therapy and classical electrotherapy are the effect on metabolism, which is carried out by:

  • resonance phenomenon (individually selected for each patient);
  • increasing the amount of energy entering the body;
  • deep heating of tissues.

HiToP causes the effect of vitalization (general recovery and renewal of the body associated with the activation of all body systems). At the end of therapy, the patient feels refreshed as after a run, increased vitality and at the same time a pleasant relaxation.