The buvet of mineral waters

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Hotel Tustan Skhidnytsia has its own pump room of mineral waters.

In our pump room of mineral waters guests are offered unique healing mineral waters of the Skhidnytsya deposit with waters of springs №1, №1s, №2s, №10, №18.

Water is delivered to the pump room in special certified sealed containers. Aeration-free selection, transportation and storage of mineral waters in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, thin-layer heating of 1-2 portions immediately before reception – all this ensures the storage of valuable components of therapeutic mineral waters.

Medicinal properties of Skhidnytsia mineral waters:

recommended for use in urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis of non-tuberculous origin, lithogenic diathesis, diseases of the biliary system

recommended for use in diseases of the liver and biliary tract, in pathology of the urinary tract, kidneys

has a pronounced choleretic effect; recommended for use in diabetes, pancreatitis, diseases of the urinary tract and liver and comorbidities

affects the acid-base balance and reduces the acid-forming function of the gastric glands; recommended for use in diseases of the stomach, intestines and duodenum

stimulates bile-forming function of the liver, increases bile production, stimulates the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver, reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the bile, stimulates the regeneration of liver tissue, enhances the excretory function of the kidneys and reduces inflammation in the kidneys

The peculiarity of this water is the presence of a unique component – glycerin. Glycerin is a tri-atomic alcohol that is odorless, has a clear and colorless liquid, and is used in cosmetology as a good skin moisturizer. Doctors also recommend taking it to treat constipation