Body Care

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TuStan Medical Center offers you a SPA-Capsule

Hotel and health complex “TuStan” Skhidnytsia offers you the latest invention in the beauty and youth industry! Collagen Ocean O2 POD health capsule is designed to effectively perform a variety of spa treatments combined with heat, steam, vibrating massage, as well as hydrodiffuse thermotherapy, which is based on the application of polar principles of action – dry and wet heating of body tissues by infrared radiation with wrapping steam veil.

In the SPA capsule you can enjoy the following programs:

strong stimulating effect on receptors by water jets, improves lymph flow, tones the whole body. The Vichy shower is equipped with 10 nozzles and a thermoregulation system. This allows you to perform procedures in a comfortable environment. This procedure combines well with other complexes. Vibration massage helps to relieve muscle spasms, activate blood circulation and saturate tissues with oxygen.

thermal and moisturizing effect. The steam maintains a constant moisture (consistency) applied to the body, which promotes the active transfer of active substances into the skin. The procedure is ideal for different types of wraps.

Intense thermal energy that penetrates the body promotes active warming of tissues, organs, muscles and joints. Warming up increases metabolism, increases tissue oxygen saturation, leads to the breakdown of fats. Eliminates lymphatic stagnation, which is especially important in the treatment of cellulite.

Acceleration of lymph circulation leads to increased immunity, suppression of pathogenic bacteria in the body. 900 – 2400 calories are burned in one half – hour session, which is equivalent to a mileage of 10 – 15 km. A natural and safe method of heating tissues leads to the opening of the ducts of the sebaceous and sweat glands, actively cleansing and regenerating the skin.


  • Hypertension;
  • Heart disease
  • Contact dermatitis and skin diseases;
  • Claustrophobia.