Herbal Barrel

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Herbal Barrel is a kind of mini-sauna made of cedar wood, which is popularly called a natural healer.

Its resin is also healing – it heals wounds quickly and is a good anesthetic.
Inside the cedar barrel, the human body is enveloped in a healing vapor of Carpathian herbs, which dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation and increases sweating. The steam procedure stimulates the excretory system, so that toxins and toxins leave the body along with sweat, at the same time the body is saturated with nutrients.

It is recommended to drink Carpathian herbal tea after the procedure.

The result of phytoprocedures is:

Indications for the procedure:

Cedar wood has a pleasant delicate aroma, rich in volatile acids. The benefit of the phytobarrel is not only in the elimination of diseases and their prevention, but also in its relaxing effect, which has a positive effect on the overall emotional state of man.